Work Experience


TEG Analytics, Bangalore, India (Jan – May 2017)

Mentor – Mr. Arvind Nagpal

TEG Analytics 
  • Migrated the Nike team’s MS SQL Server setup to a Spark and HDFS based platform.

  • Implemented the business logics using Spark SQL and columnar storage format (Parquet), resulting in ~10x faster query runtimes and ~70% storage savings.

  • Converted the existing ETL pipeline to the new platform for generating client reports using Tableau dashboards.

Qualcomm India Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad, India (May  —  July 2016)

Mentor – Mr. Amarnath Vangala

  • Implemented a parser in Python for reading the input log files

  • Designed a command sequencer in C++ for reading commands from the log files and simulating a voice call on the Hexagon DSP simulator.

  • The system was designed to be dynamic and could handle changes to the ADSP command library seamlessly.

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing Dehradun, India (May  —  July 2015)

(a subsidiary of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Department of Space, Govt. of India)
Mentors – Dr. Sameer Saran & Dr. Shefali Agarwal

Himalayan Forest Cover 
  • Designed an open source plugin (in Python) for QGIS to run data mining algorithms on multi-band raster datasets

  • The plugin was designed to run classification algorithms like Decision Trees, AdaBoost and Random Forest on geo-spatial satellite data [GitHub] [Publication]

  • Implemented algorithms for detecting intervals of gradual increase or decrease in time series data using Persistent Delta Approach (Chamber et al.)

  • The tool (developed in MATLAB) was used to identify intervals of gradual deforestation in the Himalayan foothills