Autonomous Humanoid Robot, AcYut

Mentor – Prof. B. K. Rout (Aug 2013  —  May 2016)

  • Worked at the Center for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (CRIS), BITS Pilani, developing a completely autonomous humanoid robot capable of playing soccer [Website]

  • Implemented algorithms for distortion correction in fish-eye lens for the application of Inverse Perspective Mapping

  • Designed a novel method for detecting field line intersections and utilized the additional localization cues to increase the particle filter accuracy [Publication]

  • Developed the behavior control framework of the robot using XABSL

Workload Prediction for Cloud Data Centers

Mentor – Prof. S. Balasubramanium (Aug 2016  —  Dec 2016)

Workload Prediction 
  • Currently pursuing an undergraduate thesis project, which is a collaboration between Hewlett-Packard Enterprises (HPE) and BITS Pilani

  • Developed approaches based on user behavior modeling for the prediction of future workloads

  • Analyzed the predictability of multiple resources using the autocorrelation function (ACF) for various time lags

  • Implemented models based on Support Vector Regression (SVR) for prediction of future CPU and memory usage based on historical data [Thesis Report]

Content Based Image Retrieval for Shekhawati Paintings

Mentor – Prof. S. Balasubramanium (Jan  —  May 2016)

CBIR Image 
  • Objectives of the project were to segment the images to identify areas of interest, maximize the recall of the retrieval algorithms and to assert a ranking in the images retrieved based on their relevance

  • Implemented graph-based segmentation techniques to segment out the areas of interest in the input image

  • Designed SVM based classifiers that utilized HOG features to classify segmented portions of the image into various semantic classes [Report]

Multi-Robot Task Allocation Using TurtleBots

Mentor – Prof. Sudeept Mohan (Jan  —  Dec 2015)

TurtleBot Robot 
  • Implemented algorithms based on Constrained Delaunay Triangulation (CDT) for the Multi-Robot Task Allocation Problem

  • Modeled the partitioning problem into the Maximally Balanced Connected Partitioning problem

  • Implemented the wireless message passing framework for TurtleBots